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Memorable favors and invitations

Editing, layout, design and writing services

Sweet, colorful
party favors

Fill mini champagne
bottle with candies
as gifts for party guests.

So many uses:
for business
arts & crafts,

Bottles sold alone
or choose natural
or champagne corks

Unique invitations
Your message rolled
up and mailed in a
clear plastic bottle.

Light, unbreakable
Mini-champagne bottles
are food-grade vinyl
with a standard
one-inch opening.

  Professional and
business services
   Do you need top-quality design, editing or website work for your business or organization?
   Put our skills and experience to work on your project at affordable rates.
   Our professional backgrounds in writing, editing, graphic arts and design, and database programming are at your service.
   See what we can do for you!
   Go to details.

Editing & design clients
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